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Utrecht University

Utrecht University School of Economics (USE)

Adam Smith Hall
Kriekenpitplein 21-22
3584 EC Utrecht

Telephone: +31 30 253 98 00
Fax: +31 30 253 73 73

Contact Persons:

Janneke Plantenga

The Utrecht University School of Economics (USE) was formally established in 2003, although UU teaching and research foundations of economics at other departments date back several decades. From this tradition arose the desire to establish a department of economics that is unique in its multidisciplinary character, by combining insights from economics with ideas from, for example, sociology, demography, geography, history, law and psychology. The MultiDisciplinary Economics (henceforth MDE) research at USE is organized in the Tjalling C. Koopmans research Institute (TKI), named after the 1975 winner of the Nobel Prize in economics. Starting 1 January 2012, the research at TKI is organized in the three most important and successful research lines: (i) Institutions & Welfare, (ii) Sustainability & Globalization and (iii) Business Strategy and Governance.