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Mendel University in Brno

Mendel University in Brno

Zemedelská 1/1665
Brno 613 00

Telephone: 545 131 111
Fax: 545 211 128

Contact Persons:

Petr Rozmahel

MUAF (Mendel University in Brno) has currently more than 10,500 students studying at five faculties. It has a long tradition in providing education for students at all levels including bachelor, master and doctoral. At more than fifty departments and institutions there work about 15,000 academics, researchers and administrative staff. The research activities focus on both theoretical as well as applied disciplines. Research in economics and social sciences is conducted at the Faculty of Business and Economics, which has more than 35,000 students at the bachelor, master and doctoral level. The Mendel University largely participates at international research programmes including FP6, FP7, Jean Monnet Projects or CENTROPE project. Apart from research and publication activities, the Faculty of Business and Economies organises four regular international scientific conferences each year, including one focusing on convergence and integration processes in Europe. The faculty also often provides expertise for regional and national governmental institutions.