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Institute for Financial and Regional Analyses

Gesellschaft für Finanz- und Regionalanalyse
Institute for Financial and Regional Analyses

Ludgeristr. 56
48143 Münster

Telephone: +49 251 263931 0
Fax: +49 251 263931 9

Contact Person:

Gerhard Untiedt


GEFRA (Institute for Financial and Regional Analyses) was founded in 1993 as a private economic research institute. We are offering our services to international organisations, governmental departments (ministries) and public authorities. The main focus of our analyses is set in monitoring and evaluating structural policy of the European Union. We are engaged in conducting analyses of regional and macroeconomic contexts, cost-benefit analyses for major public projects, forecasting models of entrepreneurial development as well as the enlargement of the European Union and its economic consequences. Our main focus is on economic policy advice based on scientific analysis. We use up-to-date methods of empiric economic research and apply recent findings of economic theory. Our methods of analysis are in accordance with the scientific state of the art. For quality assurance we publish in relevant scientific journals. Furthermore, we cooperate with universities and private sector research corporations all across Europe.