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Budapest Institute

Budapest Institute

19. Bartók Béla út 1114 Budapest, Hungary
Tax ID: HU14525991, reg. no.: 01-09-907844

Telephone: +36 1 2090102

Contact Person:

Agota Scharle


Budapest Institute was founded in 2008 by four economists with a background in civil service and academic research. Founders each have experience of many years in policy analysis and research in some area of public policy. They also have extensive experience in multivariate econometric modelling and working with large datasets derived from survey or administrative sources. Budapest Institute produces independent research and analysis to support policy making, tracking and evaluation, with a focus on employment policy, social policy, education, and better regulation.

Recent projects include the design of a monitoring system of non-profit providers of employment rehabilitation services, a cost-benefit analysis of extending public day-care provision for children aged 0-3, an edited volume on the evolution of child care systems in the Visegrad countries in 1989-2009, a detailed proposal for increasing the efficiency of the Hungarian welfare system and evaluations of EU funded projects on integrating disadvantaged children in public education and on modernising public employment services in Hungary.