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WWWforEurope Lecture Series


Welfare Beyond GDP:
Some Insights From Feminist Economics

Julie A. Nelson


October 8th, 2012, 9:00

WIFO, Objekt 20, Arsenal

While standard macroeconomics relies on indicators of GDP and employment growth to judge the health of an economy, feminist and ecological economists have raised questions about the relation of such indicators to individual, social, and long-term global well-being. This talk will explore some dimensions of human well-being that have been neglected within the economics profession, including interpersonal relations and the work of caregiving. Recent work on the “economics of happiness” will be taken as a jumping-off point for noting where feminist insights can improve the definition, models, and methodology of economics.

Julie A. Nelson's research areas include feminist economics, ecological economics, the philosophy and methodology of economics, ethics and economics, the teaching of economics, and the empirical study of household consumption behaviour. She is the author of Economics for Humans (2006) and Feminism, Objectivity, and Economics (1996); co-editor of Beyond Economic Man (1993) and Feminist Economics Today (2003); and the author of many articles in journals including Econometrica, American Economic Review,  Journal of Labor Economics, Ecological Economics, and Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. undefinedDownload presentation


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