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WWWforEurope Special Session at the 2014 ISEE Conference


WWWforEurope Special Session at the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) Conference 2014

Conference topic: Wellbeing and Equity within Planetary Boundaries

Reykjavik, Iceland, 13-15 August 2014


WWWforEurope Special Session

Developing Resource use Scenarios for Europe - Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Alpen Adria University

Towards an operational measurement of socio-ecological performance - Angela Köppl, WIFO

Socio-economic impacts of a GHG roadmap scenario - Kurt Kratena, WIFO

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At the 2014 International Society for Ecological Economics Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, WWWforEurope researchers held a special session.

Marina Fischer-Kowalski presented WWWforEurope Working Paper No. 25, “Developing resource use scenarios for Europe”, which she co-authored with Dominik Wiedenhofer, Willi Haaas, Irene Pallua and Daniel Hausknost. The paper reviews a number of approaches to conceptualise and operationalise biophysical constraints for economic performance, focusing on long-term structural changes in the energetic base of socio-economic systems and develops scenarios for European resource use until 2050.

WWWforEurope Working Paper No. 52, “Towards an operational measurement of socio-ecological performance” by Claudia Kettner, Angela Köppl and Sigrid Stagl, was presented by Angela Köppl. The paper reviews key theoretical approaches for well-being and identifies candidate variables for socio-ecological performance and analyses their availability in public statistics. In the selection of indicators the biophysical and social dimensions have been accounted and stress has been placed on the role of stock-flow interactions that generate well-being relevant services.

Finally, Kurt Kratena presented socioeconomic impacts of a GHG roadmap scenario (developed with Mark Sommer), applying a DYNK (Dynamic New Keynesian) model. Sommer and Kratena developed a scenario of radical GHG emission reduction for Spain comprising policies for energy efficiency improvement and decarbonisation.