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WWWforEurope in EC and other Publications

The WWWforEurope project has been mentioned and portrayed in the following publications, mostly by the European Commission, but also by the OECD.



Karl Aiginger, Jürgen Janger (2015),
Intangibles and green investments for restarting growth.
In: Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Michael Losch (Eds.),
Investing in Europe's Future. Restarting the Growth Engine.

European Commission, Joanna Roberts (2015),
How can Europe achieve green growth?
In: Horizon - The EU Research and Innovation Magazine

Article on WWWforEurope and green growth with comments by WWWforEurope co-ordinator Karl Aiginger


OECD (2015),
Final NAEC Synthesis.

Final report of the OECD's New Approaches to Economic Challenges initiative, presented at a meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level, Paris, June 3-4 2015.

WWWforEurope has cooperated with the NAEC initiative in the past and it and some of its research results are mentioned in the Final Synthesis Report. undefinedSee also this page.


European Commission (2015),
Time to Grow. Emerging Knowledge Base for Growth Policy in Europe.

"This publication presents those FP7 SSH research projects, which took up the task of understanding the (lack of) European growth dynamism and Europe’s readiness to enter into a new and sustainable growth path."

WWWforEurope is among the projects selected for a portrait.



European Commission, Brigitte Young (2014),
Financial crisis: causes, policy responses, future challenges.

In this survey, WWWforEurope research work is cited as one of the relevant on-going EU-funded research projects. undefinedSee also this page.



European Commission (2014),
European Research. Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities. List of Projects 2007-2013.

"'Socio-economic sciences and the humanities’ (SSH) in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013) was the fourth consecutive programme on socio-economic sciences and humanities since 1994."

This is a list of all projects from 2007 to 2013, including WWWforEurope.


European Commission (2014),
European Union Research in Foresight.

"Foresight plays a genuine role in inspiring new European policies, providing fresh insights and identifying major future societal challenges. In order to achieve such goals, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation financed more than 30 research foresight projects and expert groups between 2007 and 2013."

WWWforEurope is listed among the projects researching a "Transition towards a responsible socio-ecological Europe".



European Commission,
Research on Social Innovation.

An inventory of projects funded under the EU Research Framework Programmes FP7 and FP6.               

WWWforEurope is listed as one of the projects.