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Working Papers:

Teresa Weiss
Issue 115, Number of Pages: 18
March 2016
Tim Jackson, Peter Victor and Asjad Naqvi
Issue 114, Number of Pages: 64
March 2016
Mark Sommer and Kurt Kratena
Issue 113, Number of Pages: 41
March 2016
Klara Zwickl, Franziska Disslbacher and Sigrid Stagl
Issue 111, Number of Pages: 29
January 2016
Ernest Aigner, Lucia Baratech Sanchez, Desiree Alicia Bernhardt, Benjamin Curnow, Christian Hödl, Heidi Leonhardt and Anran Luo
Issue 112, Number of Pages: 221
January 2016
Ewald Walterskirchen
Issue 110, Number of Pages: 15
January 2016
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