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WWWforEurope Policy Paper series

The WWWforEurope Policy Paper series is a working paper series that is open to policy makers, NGO representatives and academics that are interested in contributing to the objectives of the project. The aim of the paper series is to further the discussion on the development of a new and sustainable growth path in Europe.
Papers published in the policy paper series will be empirical and academic in focus and will be peer reviewed. Publication is subject to approval of the paper by the reviewer.

Potential contributions can be sent to: Marcus.Scheiblecker(at) where they will be directed to the reviewing process.

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Policy Paper:

Karl Aiginger
Issue 30, Number of Pages: 23
February 2016


Policy Paper:

Karl Aiginger, Susanne Bärenthaler-Sieber and Johanna Vogel
Issue 29, Number of Pages: 35
December 2015
Heinz Handler
Issue 28, Number of Pages: 33
November 2015
Susanna Ulinski
Issue 25, Number of Pages: 94
October 2015
Karl Aiginger and Matthias Firgo
Issue 26, Number of Pages: 56
October 2015
Alina Pohl
Issue 27, Number of Pages: 65
October 2015
Stefan Schleicher
Issue 24, Number of Pages: 17
July 2015
Stefan Marth
Issue 23, Number of Pages: 59
June 2015
Achim Truger
Issue 22, Number of Pages: 66
March 2015
Hassan Molana and Catia Montagna
Issue 21, Number of Pages: 40
February 2015
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