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Title: New Dynamics for Europe: Reaping the Benefits of Socio-ecological Transition. Synthesis Report Part I
Author(s): Karl Aiginger
Year: 2016
Month: March
Number: 11
Pages: 152
File URL: fileadmin/documents/pdf/Deliverables/WWWforEurope_Synthesis_Report_Part_I_D602.5.pdf
Abstract: The WWWforEurope research project proposes a comprehensive strategy to set Europe on a dynamic path to a socio-ecological transition. This report is based on more than 160 new research papers, produced by 34 research groups cooperating in the project, but also on existing literature. The papers, as well as their integration into this synthesis report, have been discussed at various high-level conferences and refereed by members of a policy board, a scientific board and other leading researchers in Europe and the U.S. The project started in April 2012 and will conclude with the presentation and dissemination of this report. The proposed strategy is medium to long-term in nature; solving short-run problems in specific countries may require some policy instruments not covered, but even then should nevertheless take this longer view into account. WWWforEurope respects different starting positions and heterogeneous preferences, and also acknowledges the high degree of uncertainty deriving from new challenges and disruptive technological innovations. The strategy cannot serve as a blueprint for solving all current and future problems or for exploiting all new opportunities, but it initially aims to develop guiding principles, then drivers of change and, last but not least, facilitators of strategy implementation which, combined, should support transition under very different real-world circumstances. The report contains two parts; the first one is an overarching synthesis, the second one reports on the results of different models and presents research findings in the five areas which were inputs for the synthesis.

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