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Title: New Dynamics for Europe: Reaping the Benefits of Socio-ecological Transition. Synthesis Report Part II
Author(s): Harald Badinger, David Bailey, Lisa De Propris, Peter Huber, Jürgen Janger, Kurt Kratena, Hans Pitlik, Thomas Sauer, Renaud Thillaye and Jeroen van den Bergh
Year: 2016
Month: March
Number: 12
Pages: 164
File URL: fileadmin/documents/pdf/Deliverables/WWWforEurope_Synthesis_Report_Part_II_D602.5.pdf
Abstract: The WWWforEurope research project proposes a comprehensive strategy to set Europe on a dynamic path to a socio-ecological transition. This part reports on the results of different models and presents research findings in the five areas which were inputs for part one "Synthesis". It is based on more than 160 new research papers, produced by 34 research groups cooperating in the project, but also on existing literature.

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