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Research Questions

WWWforEurope started in April 2012 as a four year research project within the 7th Framework Programme funded by the European Commission.

Overarching question for the Project

What kind of new European growth and development strategy is necessary and feasible, enabling a socio-ecological transition to high levels of employment, well-being of its citizens, social inclusion, resilience of ecological systems and a significant contribution to the global common goods like climate stability.

5 central questions

  1. Can the EU at the same time participate more strongly in world growth, guarantee a maximum well-being of its population and reduce energy and material input?
  2. How can regional cohesion and social inclusion be achieved in such a growth strategy minimising risks of detrimental effects on incentives and maintaining the openness of society?
  3. How can social and technological innovations be supported (and the focus of technological trends be shifted) so that they contribute to social and ecological sustainability?
  4. How can institutions of modern market economies be changed so as to internalise the current social and ecological externalities and to decrease volatility and divergence in Europe?
  5. How can the general public, third sector actors and vested interests be motivated to support reforms towards a new growth path?

The mission

With robust research as a foundation the ultimate impact of the project will be to contribute to a change of the actual course of economic policy in the direction of a socio-ecological transition. To achieve this end and make an impact, WWWforEurope will engage in an ongoing dialogue with policy makers, stakeholders and representatives of civil society, supplying them with evidence based policy recommendations while at the same time integrating their expertise and their views in the design of the transition strategy to be developed.