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Università Politecnica delle Marche

P.zza Roma 22,
60121 Ancona

Telephone: (+39) 071.220.1
Fax: (+39) 071.220.2324


Contact Persons:

Franco Sotte

The Department of Economics of UNIVPM was founded in October of 1983 and derives from the previous Institute of Economic Studies. It is located at the Faculty of Economics "G. Fuà" in Ancona (Italy). Its research fields have increased over time: today, they especially concern Growth and Economic Development, Demography, Econometrics, Agricultural Economics, Labour Economics, International Economics, Monetary and Credit Economics, Public Economics, Macroeconomics, Economic Statistics and History of Economic Thought. Particular attention is given to Education. Teachers of the Department are engaged in three-year and full degrees, and PhDs. The Department has its own series of working papers which are indexed by important bibliographic databases. The Department is a member of SPERA (Interuniversity Centre for Economic, Rural and Environmental Studies) and CIRAB (Centre for the Study of the Adriatic and the Balkans). Other important research groups working in the Department are Mo.Fi.R. (Money and Finance Research Group) and Opera (Centre for Economic Policy - Ancona).

The Department has a consolidate experience in participating in EU projects as both coordinator and a research unit. Limiting to some past projects which are more related to the scope of the project, it was part of projects such as FAIR Programme ("Agriculture and employment in the rural regions of the EU" - RUREMPLO), AG-MEMOD ("Agricultural Sector in the Member States and EU: Econometric Modelling for Projections and Analysis of EU Policies on Agriculture"), REAPBALK ("Rural Employment and Agricultural Perspectives in the Balkan Applicant Countries") and AG-MEMOD 2020 ("Agricultural Member States Modelling for the EU and Eastern European Countries").