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Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Institut für Weltwirtschaft

Hindenburgufer 66
D-24105 Kiel

Telephone: +49 431 8814-1
Fax: +49 431 85853

Contact Person:

Rainer Schweickert

IfW (Kiel Institute for the World Economy) is one of the major centres for research in global economic affairs, economic policy advice and economic education. On the basis of its research work, the institute advises decision-makers in politics, the economy and society, and keeps the interested public informed on important matters of economic policy.

The contributions to WWWforEurope will be based on the joint efforts of four of the seven research areas of the IfW ("Global Division of Labor", "Knowledge Creation and Growth", "Poverty Reduction, Equity and Development", and "Reforming the Welfare Society"). These research areas have long-standing experience with projects on the European integration process and with projects under the EU Framework Programmes, e.g Outsourcing & Trade in Services (FP7), and Low-skilled wages and employment opportunities in Europe (part of FP6 project Inequality: Mechanisms, Effects and Policies - INEQ).