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Institute of Economic Research Slovak Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Economic Research of Slovak Academy of Sciences

Sancova No. 56,
811 05 Bratislava,

Telephone: +421 (0)2/5249-5480
Fax: +421 (0)2/5249-5106

Contact Person:

Ivana Šikulová

IER SAVBA (Institut of Economic Research Slovak Academy of Sciences) undertakes research in diverse areas such as globalisation, integration and adaptation processes in the world economy in general and in the EU in particular; factors and policies affecting the socio-economic development of Slovakia; the effect of economic policies on the development of the business sector; policies that foster the development of knowledge-based economy; and the relationships between macroeconomic policy, growth and stability. The research outcomes are shared with other research institutions and the broader public in the form of publications, conferences, seminars, workshops and other publication outlets. What is even more important is that the IER SAVBA research outcomes are used as supportive material by policy makers, in most cases upon the demand of the government sector. Apart from this, it is the main editor of the Journal of Economics/Ekonomicky casopis, the only current content journal in the field of economics in the Slovak Republic.