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WWWforEurope Policy Paper series

The WWWforEurope Policy Paper series is a working paper series that is open to policy makers, NGO representatives and academics that are interested in contributing to the objectives of the project. The aim of the paper series is to further the discussion on the development of a new and sustainable growth path in Europe.
Papers published in the policy paper series will be empirical and academic in focus and will be peer reviewed. Publication is subject to approval of the paper by the reviewer.

Potential contributions can be sent to: Marcus.Scheiblecker(at) where they will be directed to the reviewing process.

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Title: What can the EMU’s peripheral countries learn from regional growth?
Author(s): Karl Aiginger, Matthias Firgo and Peter Huber
Year: 2013
Month: October
Number: 7
Pages: 26
File URL: fileadmin/documents/pdf/PolicyPapers/WWWforEurope_Policy_Paper_007.pdf
Keywords: Convergence, within-country growth, peripheral countries
JEL-Codes: O52, R11, R58
Abstract: The experiences of 259 regions in 21 European countries with within country GDP per capita and labour productivity growth suggest that variables associated with pro-active, growth oriented strategies are consistently more important predictors of successful regional development than variables related to austerity for a range of measures of successful development. Since regions are the only historical examples of restructuring in currency unions, we therefore also argue for a more growth oriented strategy to solve the problems of the European periphery and outline some features of such a strategy.

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