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1st WWWforEurope Best Paper Award 2013


The WWWforEurope Best Paper Award for research papers on the theoretical and empirical foundations for dynamic, socially inclusive and ecologically sustainable growth in Europe has been awarded to Frank W. Geels, University of Manchester. Frank W. Geels has received the prize for his research on the effects of the financial crisis on the sustainability of growth in Europe, titled "The Impact of the Financial-economic Crisis on Sustainability Transitions: Financial Investment, Governance and Public Discourse".

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In his paper, which appeared in the renowned journal "Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions", Frank W. Geels analyses the various effects of the financial and economic crisis on the probability of the implementation of ecological reforms in Europe. His empirical research shows that immediately after the start of the crisis, the economic stimulus plans initiated in many countries caused a significant rise of green investments, but with the implementation of austerity programmes since 2010 environmental and climate policy goals have been neglected.

The international jury has based its choice on the innovative, interdisciplinary and empirical character of Frank W. Geels' paper on the interrelations between public attention and opinion, governance and business investment. Its method should find a broad field of application in other sustainability-related research.

Franz Fischler, President of European Forum Alpbach, presented the prize as a representative of the whole jury during the 1st WWWforEurope Feedback Conference on September 19th, 2013 in Vienna. Along with Fischler, the other members of the jury were Graciela Chichilnisky (University of Columbia), Gernot Hutschenreiter (OECD), Geoffrey Hewings (University of Illinois), and Rick van der Ploeg (Oxford University), renowned for their work in different areas of sustainability research and politics.

Frank W. Geels is professor for system innovation and sustainability at the Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI), an interdisciplinary research institution at the University of Manchester. He is chairman of the International Sustainability Transitions Research Network and one of the world-leading scholars on socio-technical transitions, which entail co-evolutionary interactions between technology, consumer practices, firms, markets, policy, cultural meaning, and infrastructure. (From the SCI profile page.)

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