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Social and Environmental Progress: Europe in a Long-Run Perspective

WWWforEurope Conference on

Social and Environmental Progress:

Europe in a Long-Run Perspective


February 24th, 2015

Hotel Silken Berlaymont, Boulevard Charlemagne 11-19, Brussels


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Conference programme

Europe today has lost its momentum. Recent success stories, such as the integration of Central and Eastern European countries, have been overshadowed by negative developments throughout the economic crisis. Rising unemployment, North/South as well as East/West divides and significant output losses are among the most prominent problems facing Europe in the short-run. Alongside these, globalization, demography and climate change pose further long-run challenges.

To overcome these obstacles, scientific analysis is needed in order to develop a congruent strategy that re-focuses on the core European strengths:

  • social inclusion
  • a dynamic economy
  • environmental sustainability on all levels.

WWWforEurope aims to bring together research from all of these different dimensions and find strategic answers that might help Europe to become a role model implementing innovative economic policies stressing social cohesion and environmental sustainability.

The scientific work in WWWforEurope has already been successful by pointing out the potential existing within the European Union:

Investing in innovation, education, ambitious ecological standards and especially the welfare state have proven to increase competitiveness.

Further recommendations call for new industrial policies and collaboration with other players both regionally and on the national and international level.

All these policy strategies need to take into account the heterogeneity across EU member states, issues of governance and the political economy of reforms. WWWforEurope deals with all these issues.

The symposium seeks to tie together the aforementioned scientific analysis in its diverse dimensions and create a strategy towards a new European model (a "high road strategy"). In panels focusing on the social dimension, resource use and growth as well as the interrelations between innovation, employment and the environment, experts and policy makers will discuss important aspects of such a model. By exchanging ideas and receiving expert input, stakeholders will gain a vision of the common path ahead to create a European Union that offers attractive employment within an innovative economic environment that is socio-ecologically sustainable.

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Mandatory registration until February 13th, 2015 at wwwforeurope-events(at)