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Relevant research

Seiji Hashimoto, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Sangwon Suh and Xuemei Bai (2012), Greening Growing Giants. A Major Challenge of Our Planet. In: Journal of Industrial Ecology 16 [4]: 459-466

Dominik Wiedenhofer, Elena Rovenskaya, Willi Haas, Fridolin Krausmann, Irene Pallua, Marina Fischer-Kowalski (2013), Is there a 1970s Syndrome? Analyzing Structural Breaks in the Metabolism of Industrial Economies. In: Energy Procedia 40: 182-191.

Green Growth Workshop with Dalian University Researchers

On June 8th, 2015, researchers of the Institute for Eco-Planning & Development, Dalian University of Technology, China, and from the Institute for Social Ecology (SEC), Alpen Adria University, Vienna, held a workshop on green growth in Vienna. Guiron Xiao, Chunyou Wu and Xiaoling Wang presented their project "The International Comparison Study of Theory and Application of Green Growth", which is an international cooperation funded by the National Natural Science Fund of China. Among the cooperating institutions are the Imperial College London, Waterloo University, Canada, and the Russian International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Science.

The researchers from Dalian University made contact because of a publication on "Greening Growing Giants". They were also interested in the content and fate of the European Union's 20-20-20 strategy and resource saving as well as resource efficiency policies, which were presented to them by Nina Eisenmenger from SEC. Dominik Wiedenhofer (SEC) presented part of SEC’s research within the WWWforEurope project on the "1970 syndrome". As there is a research cooperation contract between China and Austria now, the researchers from Dalian University will try to introduce these research areas as one of the joint foci and seek future cooperations.

Afterwards the Chinese researchers joined WWWforEurope researchers Angela Köppl, Karl Aiginger and Stefan Schleicher at WIFO, where the WWWforEurope project and its relevance to Guiron Xiao, Chunyou Wu and Xiaoling Wang's study on green growth were presented and discussed. In particular, the discussion focused on how to better understand energy systems, how China could be studied from a green growth perspective, and how to observe the introduction of emissions trading in China.