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DIKTYO-Network for Reform in Greece and Europe

DIKTYO - Network for Reform in Greece and Europe was founded in April 2013 in Athens. It is a not-for-profit Organization, a think-and act-tank, with European orientation. Among its primary objectives is the contribution with initiatives, policy analysis and proposals to the public dialogue for a new growth and development model for Greece, for empowering young people and with ways and means for ensuring social cohesion in times of crisis. Furthermore, to support and strengthen interest and commitment for the country's European course, through initiatives and relevant programs and activities.

The DIKTYO network aims to highlight new solutions and innovative approaches to assist and facilitate young people find jobs, have their voice heard and participate in the decision making process both in Greece and in the European Union. It collaborates with major European think tanks.

DIKTYO's President is former EU Commissioner and former Minister Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou. During the network's first year, a range of related activities in line with its mission and objectives have taken place:

  • 6 LABS: brief debate events, where short questions and answers will generate concrete proposals depending on the discussion topic.
  • 2 PUBLIC EVENTS: organized by Diktio and its partners and institutions from Greece and Europe, aimed at promoting reforms.
  1. "From structural funds to partnership contracts; sole resources for growth: a Ferrari in a dirt road"
  2. "EU: Transcending divisions - the pathway to our common future"
  • MEETINGS: 1st International Council meeting, Athens, May 2013
  • EUROPEAN CITIZENS' INITIATIVE: "Do not count education spending as part of the deficit! Education is an investment!" DIKTYO, in cooperation with an 7-person European Committee have launched the ECI. We propose to exempt from the measurement of each country's public deficit, that part of Government spending for education that is lower than the last 5-year Eurozone average. The objective of our initiative is to ensure that resources will be available to be invested in education. This will allow combating inequality by providing equal opportunities for education and training to all young people in Europe, to ensure adequate and appropriate infrastructures and tools for high quality education in times of crisis.