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Unterstanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge

WWWforEurope at the DG Research & Innovation Conference

Conference topic: Understanding and Tackling the Migration Challenge: The Role of Research

Brussels, Belgium, February 4-5, 2016



The Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission organised a two-day conference to explore and demonstrate how European research can support policy makers in designing effective and sustainable migration policies and how refugee researchers can be better integrated into European research institutions and the labour market more generally.

WWWforEurope researcher Peter Huber (WIFO) held a presentation titled "Labour market impacts of migration and fiscal outcomes " on future research requirements on the effects of migration on natives and welfare integration derived from the WWWforeurope project on the second day of the conference.

The Science4Refugees initiative, designed to identify and provide opportunities for refugees with scientific qualifications within the European Research Area, was also presented at the conference.