SOER 2015 — The European environment — state and outlook 2015

On March 9th, 2015, the SOER 2015 – State and Outlook of European Environment Report – was presented at the Haus der EU in Vienna, the seat of the European Commission in Austria. Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director at the European Environment Agency (EEA) provided an overview of the topics and main results of the report, which evaluates the state of the European environment and covers an outlook until 2050.

Two panel discussions, both featuring WWWforEurope researchers, discussed the national and the global environmental perspectives and trends.

The first panel – "Austria in Europe. A national perspective on environmental policy in Europe" – was moderated by Leonore Gewessler, director of Global 2000. Discussants included WWWforEurope researcher Armon Rezai, Deputy Head of the Institute for Ecological Economics of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Georg Rebernig, director of the Environment Agency Austria, and Elisabeth Freytag-Rigler, Chairperson of the Management Board of the EEA.

The topic of the second panel was "Global megatrends: The future of environmental policy in the global competition". David Stanners, Head of International Cooperation at the EEA, spoke on the requirements of the future. Georg Rebernig moderated the panel featuring Hans Bruyninckx, Pieter de Pous, Policy Director of the European Environmental Bureau as well as Angela Köppl, WWWforEurope Researcher of the Austrian Institute of Economic Research.

Angela Köppl spoke about the WWWforEurope project, which aims at an integrated perspective of economic, ecological and social aspects. One of the relevant issues from Köppl’s point of view in the context of long-term economic and environmental development, is the role of stocks and the interaction of stocks and flows with respect to delivering welfare-relevant functionalities. This topic is also addressed in the WWWforEurope Working Paper "Towards an operational measurement of socio-economic performance" by Claudia Kettner, Angela Köppl and Sigrid Stagl.