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First Vienna Conference on Pluralism in Economics

First Vienna Conference on Pluralism in Economics
at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

Vienna, Austria, 10-12 April 2015




Special Session:
Feminist Economics

with Käthe Knittler (Prekär Cafe), Alyssa Schneebaum (WU Vienna, WWWforEurope). Moderation: Ina Matt (VrauWL, fiber)

VrauWL, a collective of women who have studied or are studying economics, organised a special session on feminist economics. Alyssa Schneebaum, who has done research on social mobility for the WWWforEurope project, lectured on the fundamentals of feminist economics and discussed some "applications" of modern feminist economics.

In discussing examples of ways that men and women face different economic outcomes, she drew on her work on gender differences in social mobility from the WWWforEurope project, such as WWWforEurope Working Paper 80, Education and Social Mobility in Europe: Levelling the Playing Field for Europe’s Children and Fuelling its Economy, which she co-authored with Wilfried Altzinger, Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Petra Sauer, and Bernhard Rumplmaier as well as WWWforEurope Policy Paper 11, Gender and Migration Background in Intergenerational Educational Mobility, which she co-authored with Bernhard Rumplmaier and Wilfried Altzinger.


Special Session:
Pluralism in Ecological Economics

with Fred Luks (WU), Ioana Negru (School of Oriental and African Studies, London University), Sigrid Stagl (WU, WWWforEurope)