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ECEE 7 - Economic Challenges in Enlarged Europe


WWWforEurope at the 7th international conference "Economic Challenges in Enlarged Europe"

Tallinn, Estonia, 14-16 June 2015



Friedrich Heinemann, Heidelberg University, ZEW & Theocharis Grigoriadis, Free University of Berlin
Origins of Reform Resistance and the Southern European Regime


Friedrich Heinemann presented his study, a joint work with Theocharis Grigoriadis, on reform resistance in the context of crisis countries at the Conference on Economic Challenges in Enlarged Europe in Tallinn, Estonia, 14 - 16 June 2015.

This study classifies obstacles to welfare increasing reforms of very different nature, ranging from rational reform resistance to limited rationality and behavioural explanations. Moreover, it exploits Eurobarometer survey data to explore the empirical substance of the theoretical reasoning. While the analysis is focussed on the conditions of Souther Europe, a lot of these insights are of relevance for reform processes in Central and Eastern Europe as well. A policy conclusion is that, for safeguarding reform support, it is crucial to win the support of current labour market outsiders whose reform supporting potential often not sufficiently realized.


Download WWWforEurope Policy Brief No. 3 by Hans Pitlik, Friedrich Heinemann and Rainer Schweickert,
undefined"Overcoming reform resistance and political implementation of large-scale welfare state reforms" (April 2014)