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Students Organise Class Inspired by WWWforEurope

In the upcoming term, students at the University of Vienna will organise a course for the university’s bachelor program of economics. Inspired by WWWforEurope, the course will bear the title “Socio-Ecological Transition: Sustainability, Justice and Growth“ (link to website in German).

Since 2010, the student group “Roter Boersenkrach” has been organising various courses that introduce students of economics to some of the big issues that drive economic research today and go beyond conventional textbook wisdom. WWWforEurope gladly cooperates with this students’ initiative; key research results will be presented by Karl Aiginger, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Kurt Kratena and Angela Köppl.

The lecture will consist of four parts with the following themes:

Part1: Justice and Climate Change

Part 2: Environment, Politics and Economics

Part 3: The Discourse on Growth

Part 4: Approaches to Solutions