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The III. Open Global System Science Conference


WWWforEurope at the III. Open Global System Science Conference

Conference topic: Unpacking Green Growth - A Transcontinental Conference

Brussels, Belgium, 8-10 October, 2014


The III. Open Global System Science Conference is a transcontinental conference taking place simultaneaously from October 8th to October 10th, 2014, in Brussels, Belgium, Beijing, China, and Phoenix, Arizona, USA. See here for the programme.


Intercontinental Plenary IP3: Global Flows of Energy, Materials and People

From the programme: "As the world becomes more inter-connected, the flows of people, energy and materials around the globe become ever greater, leading to increased efficiencies but also increased risks. What are the consequences for sustainability of the interconnections that are being made between energy, land use and water? What are the implications of increasing migration from one part of the world to another? What is the result of the enhanced availability of information about energy sources, living conditions, and production possibilities on global flows?

In this plenary, experts on migration policy, energy policy and the flows of natural resources will discuss the benefits and dangers we face, considering these from a global systems perspective. All the speakers will be using their analyses of the past to look to the future, identifying the policy decisions we shall have to make."


Chair: Nigel Gilbert, University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Julian Allwood, University of Cambridge, UK

Gary Dirks, Arizona State University, USA

Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Alpen Adria University, Austria, WWWforEurope

Frank Laczko, International Organization for Migration (IOM), Switzerland

Daniel Beat Mueller, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway