WWWforEurope at Open Days 2014 - 12th European Week of Regions and Cities


WWWforEurope at Open Days 2014 - 12th European Week of Regions and Cities

Conference topic: Growing together - Smart investment for people

Brussels, Belgium, 6-9 October, 2014




Policy Roundtable on "Industrial Policy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth"

Karl Aiginger, WIFO, WWWforEurope co-ordinator,
David Bailey, Aston University, WWWforEurope,
Frank Geels, University of Manchester, WWWforEurope Best Paper Award Winner 2013,
Thomas Sauer, University of Applied Sciences Jena, WWWforEurope

WWWforEurope was presented at the Open Days Conference in Brussels on October 8th, 2014. David Bailey from Aston Business School organised the session with contributions by WWWforEurope Best Paper Award winner Frank Geels, Thomas Sauer and Karl Aiginger. Transition to a new model is a demanding task and there are many obstacles and even backlashes to be expected.

Frank Geels presented data by Bloomberg that new investment in renewable energy has decreased in Europe from 116 billlion US-$ to 50 billion US-$ from 2011 to 2013. Karl Aiginger reported that subsidies for fossil energies worldwide are still seven times as high as subsidies for renewable energies, but that only the latter are criticised for supposedly distorting markets. Karl Aiginger called for a new industrial policy which is pro market and pro competition, and better aligned with the long-term interests of society.

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