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Human After All – WWWforEurope at the INET Conference 2014

WWWforEurope at the INET Conference 2014

Conference topic: Human After All

Toronto, Canada, 10-12 April, 2014

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WWWforEurope's cooperation with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) - the think tank founded by George Soros - continues: Karl Aiginger was invited to the 2014 INET Conference in Toronto. The main focus of this year’s conference was innovation and its impact on economics and society, which was reflected in its title: "Human After All: Innovation, Disruption, Society".

Karl Aiginger gave a lecture on how Europe could restart economic growth, by following the vision of a new growth path with higher social inclusion and sustainability, a summary of which can be read here (PDF link). Such a new path of development, problems of the instability of the financial system, and increasing dispersion of incomes were core topics of the conference, in which Karl Aiginger had the opportunity to meet leading economists Joseph Stiglitz, James Heckman and Peter Temin, as well as policy experts Larry Summers, Thomas Heller and Adair Turner.

In a special meeting with young economists Karl Aiginger analysed the successful catching up process of new members of the European Union as well as neighbouring countries. Though the speed of catching up slowed down after the financial crisis and the catching up process is bumpy and different across countries, it continues. Europe can offer an attractive social economic model, and on the other side profit from its high growth potential. Together with its neighbours Europe will stay the largest economic area in the world for a long time.

WWWforEurope researcher Lisa De Propis also attended the INET conference and presented results from the WWWforEurope Working Paper on technological platforms in Europe, which she co-authored with Carlo Corradini in the session on "Innovation and Globalization: Playing Catch-up v. Pushing the Frontier".


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