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Panel at the Eco-social Day Vienna © ÖSSFO

Participants with Karl Aiginger, Sigrid Stagl and Teresa Weiss © ÖSSFO

Eco-social Day at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

WWWforEurope participated in the first Eco-social Day in Vienna on April 3rd, 2014, organised by the Austrian Eco-social Student Forum (ÖSSFO) and held at the Gregor Mendel house of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna. This event is based on an German-speaking initiative that wants to give students the chance to engage with the question how today's society can be transformed into one that is more ecologically and socially sustainable.

In an interactive WWWforEurope workshop 25 students learned about the project and its goals. They added goals from a youth’s point of view like more flexible working models or the necessity of changes of persistent economic and social structures. Afterwards they discussed synergies and trade-offs between their goals and the WWWforEurope targets.

At the end of the day Karl Aiginger and WWWforEurope researcher Sigrid Stagl joined a panel discussion on "Who Is Setting the Course for a Sustainable Future?" together with Elfriede More from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and Andreas Huber of the German Society Club of Rome. Aiginger emphasised that we are all facing a huge challenge in the upcoming years when striving for an increase of welfare according to beyond GDP goals under difficult conditions like rising nationalism or globalisation. The academic outcomes of the WWWforEurope project and their political relevance shall support the course towards a sustainable future.

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