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WWWforEurope at the International Forum for Future Europe in Vilnius

WWWforEurope at the International Forum for Future Europe

Conference topic: Sustainable Economy and Harmony Society: Future Visions and Today Actions

Vilnius, Lithuania, November 7-8, 2013

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Summary of the WWWforEurope project - Peter Huber, Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO)

Peter Huber presented a summary of the results of the WWWforEurope project at the International Forum for Future Europe: "Sustainable Economy and Harmony Society: Future Visions and Today's Actions" which was held in order to contribute to the success of the Lithuanian EU-presidency on 7th and 8th November in the Lithuanian parliament in Vilnius.

The conference aimed at establishing an initiative to shape a vision for the EU in the next decade. In the discussion after Peter Huber's presentation, a consensus emerged that Europe lacked a "narrative", a vision. The discussion then turned to what this narrative could be. Peter Huber argued for the necessity of such a vision and stated that given the particularities of the EU, it would have to be based on a vision of a socially and environmentally sustainable Europe. 

He also talked about the phenomenon termed the "decoupling" of energy and materials use from economic growth and new resource use scenarios for Europe, which have been investigated in the WWWforEurope research paper "Developing Resource Use Scenarios for Europe" by Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Dominik Wiedenhofer, Willi Haas, Irene Pallua and Daniel Hausknost.