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WWWforEurope at "Day and Night for Tolerance" Kiel


WWWforEurope at "We for Democracy —

Day and Night for Tolerance" in Kiel

Robert Gold & Sebastian Braun

April 16th, 2013, 19:00

Ratssaal, City Hall, Kiel, Germany

The event was held in German.

On invitation by the City of Kiel, the researchers Sebastian Braun and Robert Gold from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, both participating in the WWWforEurope project, contributed to an Event „ We for Democracy – Day and Night for Tolerance“ on 16 April 2013, which was part of a local action plan against right-wing extremism.

Robert Gold gave a talk on "Cultural Diversity, Innovation and Regional Development". He introduced the WWWforEurope research project and its research agenda and presented some first results of his research on cultural diversity and regional performance. Gold showed that migration has been a driving force in the demographical dynamics within the EU27 countries over the past decade and has increased cultural diversity in European regions – even though the variance on the regional level with respect to  migration and diversity is still large.

He also showed that cultural diversity seems to improve innovation and regional performance, a relationship that will be investigated further within the WWWforEurope project. After his talk, he discussed his findings with Annette Wiese-Krukowska from the Agency for Civic Education and the audience. undefinedDownload Presentation


Sebastian Braun, in his talk on “The Integration of German Expellees in West Germany”, dealt with the flight and expulsion of Germans from Eastern Europe after World War II that constitutes one of the largest forced population movements in history. Braun analysed the somewhat difficult economic integration of these migrants and their offspring into the West German society  up to date.


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