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CEPII Conference: Immigration in OECD Countries

WWWforEurope at the 3rd CEPII Conference

Conference topic: Immigration in OECD Countries

Paris, France, 6 December, 2013

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At the 3rd Conference on Immigration in OECD Countries, organised, among others, by the OECD and CEPII on December 6th, 2013, in Paris, France, Doris Oberdabernig presented a paper co-authored with Peter Huber: „Decomposing Welfare Wedges: An Analysis of Welfare Dependence of Immigrants and Natives in Europe”.

The paper is based on research conducted within the WWWforEurope project, on whether migrants contribute to or profit more from the welfare state in 16 EU countries. Results point to substantial heterogeneity in welfare dependence between countries when not controlling for observed characteristics of immigrants and natives. Once income, personal, and household characteristics are controlled for, immigrants receive benefits at most as equally often as natives and usually also receive lower or comparable benefit levels. The paper has been published as a WIFO Working Paper.